Recover lost platform administrators password on system controller

Diese Anleitung stammt aus dem README des SUN Patches 800054-01:

Serial Port Access During System Controller Boot

When the System Controller boots, there are two key sequences (CONTROL-A and CONTROL-X) which have special capabilities when entered at the serial port. If entered, the CONTROL-X key sequence will perform a hard reboot of the System Controller. The CONTROL-A key sequence will create a RTOS shell. The RTOS shell prompt is: ->. Boot time messages will still be displayed in the shell window. The RTOS shell can be terminated by typing the command “exitShell” at the -> prompt. After the RTOS shell has been terminated, normal system operation will continue. The special capabilities of these key sequences are disabled 30 seconds after the Sun copyright message is printed. Once the capability is disabled, CONTROL-A will operate as a normal command line editing key, CONTROL-X will have no effect. Note: The security of the System Controller could be compromised by unauthorized access to the RTOS shell.

Recovering A Lost Platform Administrators Password

If the platform administrator’s password is lost, the following procedure can be used to clear the password.

  1. Reboot the System Controller.
  2. During the first 30 seconds (before the CONTROL-A key is disabled), enter CONTROL-A. This will give you the RTOS prompt.
  3. Take a note of the current boot flags settings. This will be used to restore the boot flags to the original value. -> getBootFlags() value = 48 = 0xC = ‘0’ * Save the 0x number for #8 below.
  4. Change the boot flags to disable autoboot. -> setBootFlags (0x10)
  5. Reboot the System Controller, once reset it will stop at the -> prompt. Use the CONTROL-X sequence.
  6. Enter the following commands at the -> prompt.
    kernelTimeSlice 5
    javaClassPathSet "/sc/flash/lib/scapp.jar:/sc/flash/lib/jdmkrt.jar"
    javaLoadLibraryPathSet "/sc/flash"
    java "-Djava.compiler=NONE -Dline.separator=rn sun.serengeti.cli.Password"

    The System controller will output the following messages: Clearing SC Platform password… Done. Reboot System Controller.

  7. Wait until the previous messages have been displayed.
  8. At the -> prompt, restore the bootflags to the original value using the setBootFlags() command. -> setBootFlags (0xC) * Use the value returned from #3 above.
  9. Reboot the System Controller using the CONTROL-X key.

Once rebooted, the platform administrator’s password will be cleared.

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